After support from the nationally renowned Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1 on her last single, Belot has returned with another bouncy electronic infused offering in latest single ‘Get This’.

Belot, who is a pioneer of a genre she claims to be called ‘awkward pop’, has a knack for creating songs which may be perceived as irritatingly catchy as the choruses bounce round in your head much beyond hearing the song.

‘Get This’ is a track which features some really well produced electronic parts, bouncy rhythms and just an all round cheeky feel. The bass in this is probably the standout of the track with a real funky pop to it.

On the downside – this track is, to say the least, extremely repetitive. Although a harsh criticism, it almost just feels for the majority of this track like the chorus is just being repeated over and over again. I can understand repetition as a technique within writing to emphasise the hook of a song – however this just feels a little overboard.

I think given a little more time and attention, this song could be a lot better. This is by no means me slamming the song as it’s clear to see the quality of writer that Belot really is on the rest of her discography.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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