BEDROOM TAX’s latest single, ‘Breathe’, is a soulful ballad that speaks volumes about love, appreciation, and resilience. Drawing from a diverse array of musical influences ranging from funk to reggae, R&B to pop, and indie, the East London outfit delivers another stellar release that resonates deeply with listeners.

Lead vocalist Josh Collins captivates with his infectious melody, supported by a dancey rhythm section that has become a trademark of BEDROOM TAX’s sound. The track’s lyrics, penned by chief lyricist Gideon Parirenyatwa, celebrate the strength and resilience of women, shifting from pain to pride in a tribute that uplifts and empowers.

Written by Sean Guy and Gideon Parirenyatwa, ‘Breathe’ introduces new flavours and softer sounds while maintaining the band’s signature style. From dubby reggae basslines to Latin-inspired beats, the song’s instrumentation creates an irresistible groove that invites listeners to move their hips.

Experimentation is a hallmark of BEDROOM TAX, and ‘Breathe’ is no exception. Splashes of Fender Rhodes piano and upbeat Melodica sounds infuse the track with a carnival-like atmosphere, while an explosive brass section adds depth and intensity to the arrangement.

Beyond its musical prowess, ‘Breathe’ carries a message of empowerment and solidarity, sparking meaningful conversations about love and the importance of supporting each other. Recorded and produced with precision by JB Pilon and expertly mastered by Matt Colton, this single reaffirms BEDROOM TAX’s position as a band that not only creates great music but also inspires change.

Watch the band perform live in Manchester on Sunday 5th May supporting Colour It Red at Gullivers, Tickets are available here.


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