Bedroom Tax, the innovative 5-piece band, is a captivating force of musical artistry that blends driving riffs and beats, cinematic string arrangements, and thought-provoking lyrics. Their music stands out in a crowded landscape, reminiscent of renowned artists such as Fontaines DC, Arctic Monkeys, and The Strokes, while infusing their unique flavor akin to Jamie T and Loyle Carner.

Having made a memorable mark on the gig circuit in 2019 with sold-out shows at esteemed venues like Paper Dress Vintage, Amersham Arms, and Dublin Castle, Bedroom Tax retreated briefly to hone a more refined sound. The release of their single ‘Kin’ in August ’22 showcased a fresh vocal arrangement, accompanied by lush string sections that perfectly complemented the taut basslines and infectious guitar hooks.

Now, with their latest release, ‘Bad Behaviour’, Bedroom Tax unveil their evolution. While staying true to their punky roots, they seamlessly weave in pop sensibilities, unlocking exciting new dimensions.

‘Bad Behaviour’ encapsulates this progression impeccably. The track is a symphony of fast-paced riffs, high-octane energy, and newfound sophistication. The blend of emotive violin melodies and a commanding bass guitar creates an uplifting anthem that encourages listeners to triumph over life’s trials, all while reflecting on their personal journey with a smile. Josh Collins leads the chorus with magnetic vocals, while Gideon’s verses delve into profound self-exploration and the art of growth.

Penned by chief songwriters Sean Guy and Gideon Parirenyatwa, ‘Bad Behaviour’ was expertly recorded and produced by JB Pilon at Buffalo Studio and mastered by Giovanni Versari. Bedroom Tax’s musical journey continues to captivate, mesmerise, and inspire, making them an act to watch as they stride toward an exciting and promising future.

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