BARSTAFF’s latest offering, ‘Telephone Tuff Guy’, is a testament to their evolution as a band. Inspired by their addictive relationship with TikTok, this indie-pop gem is a vibrant addition to their expanding catalog. With their trademark wit intact, BARSTAFF delivers one of their most infectious hooks yet.

As the second single from their forthcoming sophomore EP, ‘Telephone Tuff Guy’ showcases BARSTAFF’s growth since bursting onto the indie scene. Drawing on noughties influences, the track melds sticky dancefloor riffs with irresistible pop melodies, resulting in an instant earworm. It’s a glimpse into the band’s new direction, promising a maturation of their sound.

From start to finish, ‘Telephone Tuff Guy’ captivates with its catchy chorus and energetic vibe. BARSTAFF’s knack for crafting memorable tunes shines through, making this track a standout in their repertoire. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to their music, ‘Telephone Tuff Guy’ is a must-listen for anyone craving infectious indie-pop with a modern twist.


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