Asha Jefferies’ latest single, ‘Keep My Shit Together’, is a vibrant and introspective addition to her repertoire, showcasing her evolving indie-pop sound. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Jefferies has already made waves in the music scene, supporting notable acts like Julia Jacklin and City and Colour.

Produced and mixed by Sam Cromack of Ball Park Music, the track navigates the complexities of facing anxiety during milestone moments, with a particular focus on Christmas celebrations with a new partner. Jefferies’ lyrical prowess shines through as she reflects on sentimentality and the challenges of city life, all set against a backdrop of head-spinning indie-pop.

The song captures a blend of idiosyncratic sounds, drawing comparisons to artists like Angel Olsen and Big Thief, while maintaining a sense of fun and optimism akin to Sheryl Crow. Jefferies’ ability to infuse both humour and gravitas into her music is evident in the lyrics, making ‘Keep My Shit Together’ a compelling and relatable experience.

Building on the success of her 2021 debut EP, ‘The Pinnacle‘, and the celebrated single ‘Tank Tops’, Jefferies continues to explore her queerness and vulnerability through her music. With influences ranging from Angel Olsen to Radiohead, she is poised for a promising musical journey. As she adds the finishing touches to her debut full-length album, due in 2024, Asha Jefferies proves she is an artist with limitless potential, weaving honesty and self-discovery into every note.

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