ARTEMIS, the musical persona of Manchester’s own Josh, presents ‘The Waves’ as a captivating blend of heartfelt lyricism and dynamic instrumentals. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Florence and The Machine, The National and Kings of Leon, ARTEMIS weaves a sonic tapestry that resonates with both passion and intimacy.

‘The Waves’ serves as a poignant reflection on the complexities of adolescence and the journey of growing up. Written during his teenage years, Josh captures the familiar ebbs and flows of youth with remarkable authenticity. The verses paint a vivid picture of the endless expanse of time, while the chorus injects a sense of optimism and hope, symbolising the resilience innate to the human spirit.

Originally conceived as a reflective poem inspired by the scenic beauty of Suffolk, ‘The Waves’ blossomed into a full-fledged musical composition with the addition of acoustic and electric guitar melodies. Collaborating with friends Matt and Luke, Josh brings his vision to life, infusing the track with layers of depth and emotion.

The result is a song that resonates on a profound level, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its evocative melodies and introspective lyrics. ‘The Waves’ stands as a testament to ARTEMIS’s evolution as an artist, showcasing his ability to craft music that is not only deeply personal but also universally relatable. With its gentle yet powerful sound, this latest release cements ARTEMIS’s status as a rising star in the alternative music scene.