American singer/songwriter Alex2e (actual name Alex Tuohey) has released a beautiful song, ‘Crew’.  Following major surgery Alex2e picked up his sister’s beat up guitar and started writing some of the most magnificent and mellow songs and travelling America playing them.

‘Crew’ is the song that has really got Alex2e’s name out there and played across the airwaves. This single has a touch of a commercial/pop vibe but he reins it back in with his mix of vocals ranging from almost spoken word in the verses to a heart felt sing along chorus. There’s a blend of soft ballad piano along with a more indie pop sounding synth and drums to make it stand out from just another soppy love song.

Alex2e’s says his song ‘Crew’ “is a song about the battle of relationship anxiety and finally feeling confident to bring your best self to the table”. This release is his first working with a new team of Producer Rob Griffit (Bronze Radio Return) & singer-songwriter Brian Jarvis to produce a clean, modern sound intertwined with his introspective lyrics.

Written by: Stuart Daley