Alex Luke’s latest release, ‘DNA’, is a soulful exploration of personal battles, seamlessly blending intricate rap flows with soulful melodies. The track delves into the artist’s estranged relationship with his father, creating an introspective and soulful hip-hop triumph that stands as a testament to Luke’s authenticity and versatility.

The emotionally powerful chorus, sung by Hayley Brown, adds a layer of depth to the self-produced track. From live drums to self-recorded brass arrangements, Luke embeds the purest reflection of himself into ‘DNA’. The accompanying emotional performance video, shot by Sophia J Carey, captures the raw emotion of the track, offering viewers a poignant glimpse into the turbulent narrative.

In ‘DNA’, Alex Luke delivers a stirring open letter that resonates with listeners in moments of turmoil. The track becomes a channel for the artist to convey deeply personal sentiments, as reflected in Luke’s statement, “Everything I needed to say seemed to fall onto the paper in a couple of hours”. Despite the sadness, there’s a glimmer of light in the lyrics, encapsulated in the line “I live in memories of the moments I’m making”.

Luke’s creative process, involving collaboration with talented session musicians like Sachin Patel, Connor O’Hara, and Hayley Brown, adds a layer of richness to the track. The sampling of trumpet lines and the creation of the intro line showcase the artist’s innovative approach.

The narrative of ‘DNA’ takes a poignant turn as Alex Luke pays tribute to his late brother, adopting his middle name, ‘Luke’, as a timeless homage. With a musical journey marked by dedication and recognition from The Ivors Academy, BBC Radio Introducing Manchester, and Amazing radio, Alex Luke’s artistry shines through. ‘DNA’ is a profound and emotionally charged piece that skilfully navigates genres, crafting a refreshing and contemporary soundscape for listeners to immerse themselves in.

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