Alt-rockers a Week Full Of Mondays are back with their latest musical work ‘Feelings Fading’. This track is one that really does keep building all the way through in what feels like one big long crescendo in the form of a song. Only then to drop right back down at the end.

Structurally and dynamically you can’t really claim that there’s much better than this around. The lads from AWFOM obviously have a great grasp on their musical vices and how to manipulate a song in exactly the way they want and need to.

The guitars in this track, for me at least, are a huge point to note. It goes without saying that they are excellently produced but the playing of them is what strikes me. There’s that acoustic guitar that kicks the track off and sort of just keeps going along throughout the track but more in the backdrop until we reach the end. That sort of underpins the whole track. Then you have the many guitar layers that are over the top of that in the track which to my ears have been masterfully combined.

The music behind this would normally command a much more aggressive style of vocals over the top, not with this band. The vocal delivery is nice and soft but also still powerful enough to cut through the rest of the mix and stand out. A great vocal performance and a standout on this track.

Not really a bad word to say about this one on my part. Astounding work from the lads in A Week Full Of Mondays.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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