The first Pentatonic Picks features some of our favourite songs that we’ve had on repeat recently. These are the bands and the song we think you should be listening to and adding to your playlists.

Two Years Vacation – Don’t Know Anybody Else

Hailing from Sweden’s second city, Gothenburg, Two Year Vacation have a gentle funky feel to their music combining Two Door Cinema Club with Abba. ‘Don’t Know Anybody Else’ is the first track from the Bedroom Rock EP and a 3 minute mashup of indie, disco and calypso sounds packed full of energy optimistic feel good vibes. Two Years Vacation have turned the usual heavy metal sounds of Gothenburg on its head with their bright tropical sounds.

For fans of: Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, Cassia

Elephant Castle – I’m A Loser

Elephant Castle is the retro inspired indie rock project from Phil Danyew, formerly a touring member of Foster The People. His second single ‘I’m A Loser’ has a very Cage The Elephant feel to it, with great guitar riffs and dreamy vocals layered over the top of a simple drum beat that keep the song rolling on. ‘I’m A Loser’ is a slightly heavier transition from debut single ‘Cool To Be Unhappy’ and show a versatility to Elephant Castle that is emphasised even more in ‘Life In Outer Space’ which is due out June 19. 

For fans of: Tame Impala, Temples, Cage The Elephant

Juliper Sky – Reflections of the Winter Sun

‘Reflections of the Winter Sun’ is taken from Manchester five-piece band Juliper Sky’s EP Visions of a New Age; a dreamy embodiment of escapism. ‘Reflections of the Winter Sun’ is the fourth and final track to be released from this EP, and a song that transports you to a dream world with mesmerising landscapes and you float through. Psychedelic synth layered with subtle guitar tones and overindulging amount of reverb create the tranquil sounds that Juliper Sky have perfectly soundtracked to this dream world.

For fans of: The War On Drugs, Slowdive, Tame Impala

Tourist Company – Waiting On Bad News

Canadian duo, Tourist Company, have released St. Helens, a concept alum that explores the psychological, emotional and relational responses to bad news. ‘Waiting On Bad News’ is the the stands out track on this album with its use of dreamy guitars, jumping melodies and sparkling arpeggios. The track have a pulsing bass line that drive the song along with the guitars drifting in and out over the top finished off with exquisite vocals that take you off to a different place.

For fans of: Arcade Fire, Death Cab For Cutie, Radiohead

LOK STOCK – New World

Brighton based electronic two-piece LOK STOCK’s debut single ‘New World’ is a powerful song packed with big riffs, heavy beats and hard hitting lyrics. ‘New World’ is the produce of many years of studio experimentation, pushing the limits of the imagination to create an impactful sound that has the same power and passion in the music as the lyrics portray.

For fans of: Royal Blood, Linkin Park

Written by: Stuart Daley