It is clear that The 1975 prove themselves to be the forever growing and changing band. Special guest performances, a unique setlist, Matty Healy’s immaculate stage presence, one of a kind set design. These lot are here to bring nothing less than a show for all to fall in love with.

We went down to the AO Arena in Manchester, to see what they had in store for us this time.

There was a clear buzz in the air as thousands piled into the Arena, smiles upon everyone’s faces told us that we were going to be in for a night to remember. After finding our seats we were blessed with the unique stage presence of the effortlessly talented front man, that is Matty Healy. Following this was gifted guitarist Adam Hann, the skilful drummer George Daniel and lastly the polished bassist Ross MacDonald amongst others within their forever growing band. It was clear amongst everyone that it felt good to be seeing the lads back in action again after coming back from their tour in the states. The arena was heaving and the crowds were bouncing as the sea of people were creating waves in-time to the music in true unison. The first set of songs were predominantly from their new album, ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’.  Immediate stand out track ‘Looking for somebody (to love)’ was the classic The 1975 cheesy love song which hyped the crowd up even more. Following this, another huge song played by them what seemed to be the new live sing along hit, ‘I’m in love with you’. 

Following this was a short break, immediately interrupted by special guest star Charlie XCX who quickly took the stage to perform hit single ‘Vroom Vroom’. This immediately lifted the audiences expectations even further and to be caught off guard with such an anthemic tune, really is credit to the production and showmanship of The 1975.

What was clear throughout the show was how carefully the set was constructed. The ongoing developmental aspects of the stage design complimented everything Healy was putting forward to his thousands of fans stood before him, and became effortless in his story telling both in and out of songs. At any opportunity given, Healy seized it to engage with the thousands of hardcore fans stood before him, yet in such a natural way that would be impossible for most. He knows how diehard his fans are, and this was a touch of class to pay respect to those. The production that had been put into the show instantly became one of a kind allowing for all viewers to have their own unique experience, making it truly one of those ‘You had to be there’ kind of shows. Each section was carefully choreographed and can only be down to Healy’s genius, complimented by those working alongside him. After a few outfit changes and breaks from songs to push the story forward through what could only be described as clever choreography. Healy took the chance to address each camera on the stage, purposefully doing so to aid the whole satire narrative story elements.

There was not a single person in our perimeter that did not know the lyrics, you almost could not hear the voice of lead singer Matty over the whole of the arena with even Tim Healy joining in on the seats below!  Then the band proceeded with a few of their older songs such as ‘I Couldn’t Be More In Love’ ‘Falling For You’ and ‘I like America & America likes me’, to name a few. It wouldn’t of been a The 1975 show without an encore like no other, and this time was no different. During a brief pause, the crowd shouted for more as Healy and the band graced the stage once more for one more round of hits, including anthems ‘The Sound’, ‘Sex’ and fan favourite ‘Give Yourself a Try’. After a very well earnt final round of applause, Healy shared a final word and bow before the credits rolled, tying a perfect knot on the entire night.

Written by Skye MacDonald and Joe Mcrae
Photo by Jordan Curtis Hughes