We delve into the mind of Huddersfield based rock band, Boxteles. The band have risen quickly in the industry with sold out headline shows and support slots to the likes of Kyle Falconer.

Tom Bedford 

Where are you from?
All Boxteles were raised in and amongst the surrounding areas of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. (Voted by The Sun in 2018 as “The Worst Place to live in England”)

What do you do?
I’m the lead singer and songwriter of 4 piece rock band, Boxteles. I also fancy myself as a bit of a content creator on Instagram.

Describe yourself in three words? 
I generally hate answering questions like this because it’s near-impossible to not sound like a b***end but if I had to, I would say I’m: driven, comedic and energetic.

You can make a record with one artist from history, who’s your pick? 
Now, there are so many people that I would love to make records with but I’d have to go with Josh Homme, famously from Queens Of The Stone Age, as well as many other creative projects. The reason it would have to be Homme is because we Boxteles are all big fans of everything he’s ever done, his music will never age and he has his own way of doing things when it comes to his style of playing, unlike any other. He’s already worked with one Yorkshire band, producing one of the best albums of the 21st Century (Humbug) so what’s to say he won’t work with another. If you’re reading this Josh, hit me up!

What do you miss about home when you’re on tour?Good food and your own bed! It’s all processed, fried sh**e when you’re on the road and halfway through your set of dates, all you wanna do is smash a roast dinner with your nan and climb into your own bed. Ahh the simple things..

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to? 
These questions just seem to get harder and harder! It would have to be Fleetwood Mac at the Isle of Wight Festival 2015. I distinctly remember being stood there with my mates, all with arms over one-another’s shoulders, singing back some of the best songs ever written to arguably the best live band of all-time. I wish I could go and relive that..

What British music icons inspire your sound today? 
Personally I would choose three.

My first would be Zuzu. Her unique and wonderful style of clothing, cracking stage presence and collection of amazing, catchy tunes makes her one of the best musicians of recent years. if anyone gets the chance to go see her live, do! She made my trip to Neighborhood festival 2018 more than worth it when I caught her set in The Pink Room at YES, Manchester.

Secondly, it would be Stormzy. Now, I know we are at completely different ends of the spectrum when it comes to our musical styles but I love his attitude towards his craft, his hardwork and drive, and what he’s doing for the less privileged youth. He is truly an inspiration to us all.

Last, but by no means least, it’s gonna have to be Freddie Mercury. In terms of frontmen, he is next to none. I will often watch Queen’s set at Live Aid 1985 whilst getting in the mood for a performance of my own. I also have definitely stolen a lot of his moves for when I find myself on stage without a guitar. 

You have one hour to spend with a person from history, who and why?
I would have loved to spend an hour picking John Lennon’s brain. It would have been great to kick back with a pint and talk about his songwriting, stories about The Beatles in Hamburg and touring the world, as well as getting an actual explanation for the ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ meaning because I reckon that “Julian drew a picture at school” story was b****cks!

If you could play with any band, alive or dead, who would you pick?
I wanted to be in so many bands growing up. I pictured myself at the front of the stage, crowd in the palm of my hand and everyone making memories and being inspired because of my closest friends and I performing great music. But now, I get to do that every time I go on-stage. Therefore, my answer is…Boxteles. You should never spend your time daydreaming about being someone else when anything is possible as yourself!

We have taken a look behind the scenes and in the ears as to what influences Boxteles to create a personalised playlist.

The first track you played constantly?
Limp Bizkit – Take a Look Around

A song that defines the teenage you?
The Wombats – School Uniforms

One song you would keep forever?
Squeeze – Up The Junction

A song lyric that has inspired you?
Arctic Monkeys – The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala (“I took the batteries out’ my mysticism and put ’em in my thinking cap”)

A song you wished you had written?
Queens of the Stone Age – The Evil has Landed

A guilty pleasure?
McFly – Star Girl

Best song to turn up loud?
Death From Above 1979 – Nomad

A karaoke song?
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Is This Love

Last song in your ideal night club?
Tenacious D – Tribute

A new band you’re into at the moment?
Gender Roles – Hey With Two Whys

Written by: Stuart Daley