ZicZac’s EP, “States Of Disorientation“, is a mesmerising musical journey that showcases the band’s growth and evolution since their self-titled debut. Comprising of Hans Henjes (vocals, rhythm guitar), Paul Imer (lead guitar, keys), Ruben Sprondel (bass), and Louis Katzmann (drums), ZicZac’s name perfectly encapsulates the essence of their music – vibrant, jagged, and unapologetically non-conformist.

Throughout the EP, ZicZac’s music pulsates with contrasts, harmonies, and a captivating interplay of guitars that transition seamlessly from catchy and melodic choruses to biting and spirited lead riffs. Their sound is propelled by powerful rhythms, creating an immersive sonic landscape that mirrors the ambivalent observations and experiences of young people in Berlin’s bustling metropolis.

Upbeat and bouncing melodies create the basis of ZicZac’s sound, Particular in opening track ‘Talking To Myself’ when the melody adds a dance style element to the chorus that forces you to move along with the powerful base riff.

States Of Disorientation” marks a significant step forward for ZicZac, as they poured more time and resources into the production, design, and promotion of the EP. The result is an impressive collection of songs that reflect the band’s efforts and dedication. From the raw and emotive vocals to the thought-provoking lyrics, each track captures the difficult balance between endless possibilities and sensory overload, as well as shared ecstasy and loneliness in the modern urban landscape.

With this second release, ZicZac proves their prowess as musicians and songwriters, further solidifying their place in the alt-rock scene. “States Of Disorientation” is an EP that demands attention, offering listeners a compelling and immersive sonic experience that resonates long after the final notes fade away. Whether you’re a fan of alternative rock or simply looking for music that delves into the complexities of life, ZicZac’s “States Of Disorientation” is a must-listen that leaves a lasting impression.

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