Wax Heart Sodality, the enigmatic gothic garage rock outfit hailing from the North-East, emerges from the shadows with their self-titled EP, delivering a mesmerising collection that explores the complexities of life and the masks we wear to navigate its intricacies.

Maintaining an air of mystery behind their masks, Wax Heart Sodality dives into a sonic realm that’s expansive and piercing. The EP resonates with post-punk guitar work, reverb-soaked baritone vocals, and gritty beats, evoking memories of iconic bands like Bauhaus, Danzig, and Depeche Mode while sharing common ground with contemporaries such as Walt Disco and Urban Heat.

‘Live, Laugh, Love’, the EP’s second single, encapsulates a nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of a 1950s prom’s last dance and the closing scenes of a 1990s high school drama. It weaves gothic tenderness and post-punk euphoria into a unique musical tapestry, addressing how complex aspects of life are reduced to oversimplified slogans in today’s world.

The EP’s previously released tracks include the sinister and thought-provoking ‘Funny Games’, which questions the inequalities in modern society, and ‘Live, Laugh, Love.’ These singles set the stage for an enthralling musical journey.

The unreleased songs on the EP further enhance its allure. ‘Lick Skin/Taste Win’ delivers a punk-infused blast that contemplates the privileges of the elite, while ‘Shine’, with its stoner/desert rock inspiration, delves into the regrets stemming from conforming to prescribed life paths.

Recorded and produced by Steven Bardgett at The Green Dragon Studios in Stockton, the EP captures the essence of Wax Heart Sodality’s sonic artistry. With their striking blend of gothic allure and post-punk vigor, Wax Heart Sodality’s self-titled EP is a remarkable exploration of life’s intricacies and an invitation to peer behind the masks we all wear. It’s a musical journey that keeps you engaged from start to finish, resonating long after the final note fades.

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