Vide Obscur’s debut EP, aptly titled ‘1‘. emerges as a sonic revelation born from the uncharted collaboration between electronic music artist/producer Julian Stetter and producer/multi-instrumentalist Jakob Lebsanft. With a plethora of successful ventures behind them, the duo sought a departure from convention, crafting a musical journey that defies easy categorisation.

1‘ is a six-track exploration into the unknown, conceived during a spontaneous recording session where instruments melded freely for five consecutive days. The result is a captivating blend of genres that transcends boundaries. The EP’s lead track, ‘Lovers In The Night’, fuses vocal house loops with drum patterns reminiscent of progressive rock, yet evolves into a grunge-infused anthem. ‘Weaponized Ideas’ intricately layers first takes, creating an indie pop landscape with an agitated narrative about territorial expansion.

The enchanting ‘Le Troisiè€me Regard’ showcases a bass guitar loop, mesmerising Wurlitzer chords, and an intimate voice, forming a sonic masterpiece. Vide Obscur navigates through diverse influences, drawing comparisons to 90s post-rock like Tortoise, New Wave, Jazz, 2000s Indie-Pop, R’n’B, and electronic music, defying the constraints of mono-genres.

1‘ stands as a testament to Vide Obscur’s commitment to creating without inhibition. Accessible yet experimental, their music beckons listeners to immerse themselves in a sound that transcends preconceived notions, inviting you to steal a moment or, perhaps, a pencil from the corner shop or even delve into the addictive world of Yoga. In an era where genres blur, Vide Obscur embraces the freedom of musical expression, signaling a refreshing departure from the confines of classification.