I don’t think I’ve ever quite heard such a strong EP opener as ‘Nothing To Lose’ on The Howlers latest EP ‘Further Down The Line’. Extremely catchy and definitely would not sound out of place in any modern day video game! 

This 4 track EP from start to finish is artistically and musically divine, full of a range of guitar tones from sparkly, pretty tones all the way to really gnarly driven tones that really push the guitar into your face.

The EP is really nicely split up, I’m not sure whether this is completely intentional from the East London Three-Piece, but there seems to be a bit of a higher tempo in your face track followed by something a little slower and softer and then the same pattern again. Really nice attention to detail. It makes the EP so easy listening from start through to finish as it just has this beautiful musical flow. A journey through someone’s mind in the form of music.

The Howlers really do know their way around a killer guitar riff and most certainly know how to nail a mammoth of a tune from that, this becomes evident throughout the EP. A real credit to the guitarist of the band as the guitars really are just perfect throughout, they never have too much to say and always say enough.

One beautiful part of this EP, among other brilliance, is the ending track. ‘Autumn Leaves’, a really soft, elegant acoustic track to see out a rather ferocious collection of music. I’m not sure whether this is the strongest move as it’s always nice to see out any EP or album with a huge track, maybe something more like the third track on the EP ‘The Boy I Was Before’. That’s just a really personal nitpick among so many brilliant things to say about this particular EP though.

The Howlers are definitely a must-listen sort of band. If you haven’t found their music already they’re well worth your time, overwhelmingly brilliant.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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