The Great Leslie’s latest offering, ‘21st Century Problems‘, is not merely a musical compilation; it’s an embodiment of ideas converging into a sonic revolution. The band, consisting of Ollie Trevers, Ryan Lavender, Alfie Pawsey, and Freddie Miles, manifests an unparalleled synergy that transcends traditional boundaries, creating a masterpiece that challenges the very fabric of contemporary rock.

The EP follows the success of their previous releases, with singles like ‘Feel Alive’, ‘Liquid Spells’, and ‘All Good Things’ propelling them to international acclaim. The tracks found a home on prominent playlists like Apple’s ‘New in Rock’ and Spotify’s ‘Hot New Bands,’ solidifying The Great Leslie’s presence as a force to be reckoned with in the UK indie rock scene. Notably, their last single of 2022, ‘All Good Things,’ secured a spot on Tidal’s ‘UK Indie: Best of 2022,’ underscoring the band’s ability to resonate across diverse platforms.

Reflecting on their journey, 2022 marked a year of significant milestones for The Great Leslie. They shared the stage with both emerging and established acts, reaching a career apex by supporting Franz Ferdinand on their European tour. The band’s trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric since their formation during lockdown in 2020, with support from industry heavyweights like Janice Long and John Kennedy.

The EP ‘The End and The Beginning‘ served as a crucial turning point for the band, laying the foundation for their latest endeavour, ‘21st Century Problems‘. With the release of the lead track ‘Aliens’ from their second EP, The Great Leslie continues to captivate audiences. Ollie Trevers, the frontman, provides insight into the genesis of ‘Aliens’, drawing parallels between the socio-political landscape then and now. The song serves as a potent protest against anti-immigration rhetoric, challenging historical fascistic tendencies within the UK. Trevers emphasises the enduring relevance of these themes, urging listeners to recognise the inherent equality that transcends race, religion, and creed.

In ‘21st Century Problems’, The Great Leslie doesn’t just create music; they craft a narrative that confronts societal issues head-on. It’s an EP that not only showcases their musical prowess but also establishes them as torchbearers of a generation unafraid to address the complexities of the world through their art.

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