Teddy Clarke makes a striking return with his debut EP, ‘False Prophets‘, a politically charged collection of songs that delve into the disillusionment of today’s youth with politicians and the media. The EP, featuring tracks like ‘False Prophets’, ‘Broken Design’, ‘Sabotage Like Shakespeare’, ‘Lighter Fluid’, ‘Bible’, and ‘Partner In Those Lies’, takes a dark and cinematic approach, providing a compelling backdrop to the overarching message of societal mistrust.

The EP navigates the complex landscape of contemporary issues, expressing Teddy’s frustration and questioning through poignant lyrics. In ‘False Prophets’, he poses a compelling question to politicians and the media, asking why there is so much dishonesty and challenging them to reflect on the consequences of their words. The chorus echoes a sentiment of disbelief, with powerful lines like “I can’t trust the words I don’t believe in, I can’t trust the words I’ve seen deceit in,” reinforcing Teddy’s stance on the unreliability of information presented by these institutions.

Teddy’s musical journey began in his early teens, inspired by iconic artists such as David Bowie, Radiohead, Jake Bugg, and The Smiths. This influence is evident in his commitment to crafting meaningful and resonant lyrics. Collaborating Ben Bogen & Joel Bogen (the pair make Analog & Digital), Teddy creates a sound that is both authentic and cinematic, capturing the essence of his message. The EP seamlessly weaves together new and old material, presenting a cohesive narrative that amplifies Teddy’s perspective on the challenges society faces today.

Supported by BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, and various online publications, Teddy Clarke has been recognised for his authentic and unapologetic approach. As Clarke continues to make waves with his profound lyricism and evocative sound, this EP solidifies his place as an artist unafraid to confront and challenge the status quo.

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