Tahls’ latest record, “Thanks A Million“, serves as a captivating showcase of the Brooklyn-based alt-rock band’s evolution. Led by the talented Tahlia Amanson, the album marks a departure from her previous independent productions, as she ventured to Memphis to collaborate with producer Calvin Lauber. Together, along with assistant engineer Elijah Poston, they brought Tahlia’s vision to life at the renowned Memphis Magnetic Recording Studios.

The album’s exploration of the 90s alt-rock sound is refreshing and invigorating. Armed with an array of synths and vintage gear, including the iconic Big Muff from Electro-Harmonix, Calvin and Tahlia created a compelling and innovative sonic landscape. Each of the seven tracks on “Thanks A Million” weaves together different stories from Tahlia’s life over the past 15 years, offering a glimpse into her journey of transitioning from a naive child to navigating the complexities of adulthood.

The album’s charm lies in its ability to draw listeners in with its engaging melodies and Tahlia’s emotive vocals, while also delivering a sense of nostalgia for the alternative rock era of the 90s. The fusion of old and new elements results in a fresh and authentic take on the genre, reflecting Tahls’ growth and artistic maturity.

Thanks A Million” is an honest and poignant expression of Tahlia’s personal experiences and emotions, inviting listeners to connect with her raw and introspective storytelling. From start to finish, the album offers a captivating journey through life’s ups and downs, making it an engaging and relatable musical experience for any alt-rock enthusiast.

In conclusion, Tahls’ “Thanks A Million” is a testament to the band’s artistic growth and the fruitful collaboration with producer Calvin Lauber. With its unique blend of 90s alt-rock nostalgia and contemporary freshness, the album serves as a compelling representation of Tahlia Amanson’s musical evolution. If you’re a fan of authentic and introspective alt-rock music, “Thanks A Million” is an album that will leave you grateful for the musical journey it takes you on.

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