Sugarstone’s latest EP, ‘Terrible Tendencies‘, thrusts listeners into a mesmerising sonic landscape where Manchester Synth-Punk collides with the industrial goth and dance sounds of the 80s. The EP’s lead single, ‘Tender Hook’, not only earned the prestigious title of BBC Introducing ‘Track of the Week’ but also secured the coveted spot of BBC 6 Music’s Finest Hour ‘Tune of the Week’, setting an impressive tone for the entire record.

The EP serves as a sonic journey through a cyberpunk realm, reminiscent of the futuristic aesthetic found in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. If there were a contemporary adaptation of the iconic film, Sugarstone’s pulsating beats and edgy synth work would undoubtedly be the perfect backdrop for its night club scenes. The EP’s high-octane brand of synth-punk has not only caught the attention of critics but has also earned the band notable support slots for the likes of Kid Kapichi, Calva Louise, CLT DRP, Tokky Horror, and a three-date tour with Witch Fever.

The EP showcases Sugarstone’s musical evolution, with each track acting as a snapshot of their sonic trajectory. ‘Hostile’ and ‘Can’t Help My Machine’ further amplify the industrial intensity that defines the band’s signature sound. The trio of tracks seamlessly blend audacious punk elements with the electronic allure of the 80s, creating an immersive experience for the listener.

Sugarstone’s live prowess, evidenced by a series of sold-out headline gigs across the North West, a headline show in Wellington, New Zealand, and a sell-out self-promoted co-headline with SLAP RASH, reinforces their status as one of the most sought-after live acts in the country. ‘Terrible Tendencies‘ not only captures the band’s insatiable energy on record but solidifies Sugarstone’s place at the forefront of the contemporary synth-punk scene.

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