Shipping Forecast’s debut EP, ‘Chapter I : Becoming Cyclonic‘, marks the beginning of a promising journey into the realm of alternative/post-rock. Ben Clare and Imogen, the duo behind this DIY project, have crafted a distinctive sound that defies easy categorisation, drawing comparisons to the likes of Sigur Ros, Mogwai, and Slowdive.

The EP, a sonic exploration of the chaos within one’s mind, takes listeners on a visceral journey through discomfort. With a progressive mentality and the incorporation of vocals, Shipping Forecast manages to carve out a unique space in the post/alternative rock landscape. The authenticity of their approach shines through as they handle every aspect of their music, from writing and recording to mixing and visual design.

Chapter I‘ delves into the theme of embracing pain as a path to wholeness, challenging listeners to confront their inner storms rather than retreat. The limited release, exclusive to select UK record stores with only 100 copies available, adds a sense of rarity to the project.

As Shipping Forecast plans to drop new music every 4-6 weeks in 2024, ‘Chapter I : Becoming Cyclonic‘ serves as a compelling introduction to a project that embodies dedication to artistic vision and a commitment to leaving a lasting imprint on the music landscape.

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