Birds Aren’t Real” EP by the 5-piece dark-wave, art-rock, and proto/post-punk band Shaven Primates, from Oxford UK, immerses listeners in a whirlwind of diverse sonic landscapes, reflecting the group’s commitment to pushing genre boundaries. Through rumbling basslines, wailing guitars, and synths that bridge retro and modern, the EP embarks on a sonic journey of raw emotion and catharsis.

Each track on the EP delves into a unique narrative, crafting an enthralling tapestry of human experiences. “Fade Away” emerges as a dark reflection on the rise of online fascism, blending late 70s punk with modern synth elements, while “A Decision” conveys the aftermath of a personal tragedy with gothic, early 80s sounds and symphonic layers.

“Silicon Implants” weaves a tapestry of current events and historic parallels, its lyrics delving into distorted terminologies and societal shifts. The rapid bluesy beat, Homesick Blues-style vocals, and deliberate keys create an urgent and complex soundscape. “Unmasked” presents dual perspectives on autism, showcasing delicate verses that capture the classroom experience and elevating choruses that celebrate self-discovery.

Closing the EP, “Birds Aren’t Real” injects a playful dose of conspiracy theory with a punk-infused chorus, embodying the band’s adventurous spirit. The EP’s musical influences, ranging from Velvet Underground to Prodigy, Yes to David Bowie, resonate throughout, woven into a tapestry of sound that captures both the chaotic energy of their influences and their unique creative vision. “Birds Aren’t Real” stands as a testament to the band’s artistic growth, willingness to experiment, and ability to craft a multi-dimensional musical narrative.

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