Rum Jungle’s latest EP, ‘Hold Me In The Water‘, is a testament to their versatile musical prowess, showcasing a dynamic range that solidifies their status as a standout act. Known for their energetic summer anthems and emotive ballads, the band seamlessly navigates both realms, establishing a distinctive identity.

The EP kicks off with the boundary-pushing tracks ‘Electric Snowman’ and ‘All The Way Round And Back’, immediately grabbing attention with their vibrant and infectious energy. Benny’s vocal mastery takes centre stage, effortlessly transitioning between light and dark tones, playfulness and maturity. The juxtaposition of tracks like the spirited ‘Dash of Speed’ and the soul-soothing ‘Make It Ez’ and ‘Nervous’ highlights the band’s ability to explore diverse sonic landscapes.

Rum Jungle’s success in 2023, including sold-out shows across Australia, a standout performance at BIGSOUND, and a memorable cover of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ for triple j’s Like A Version, underscores their rising star. With plans for UK showcasing and touring, and a spot on the prestigious First Fifty artists for The Great Escape 2024, Rum Jungle is poised for an exciting year ahead. ‘Hold Me In The Water‘ is a meticulously crafted release that not only captivates listeners but also ensures that Rum Jungle’s upward trajectory continues. As the EP invites us into the depths of their musical prowess, it’s evident that Rum Jungle is only just beginning their journey to the top.

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