Pretty Terry, an Indie-Funk-Rock Quintet from Norwich, released their latest collection of songs and latest EP ‘Golden Age of TV’ on August 11th and what a collection of tunes this is! So much for your ears to tune into and so much intrigue right from the off with this EP. Having built a reputation with a string of successful releases and sold out shows in their hometown and beyond, Pretty Terry have come to form this incredible EP of four incredible tracks.

Kicking off the EP is the title track and one that brings in the EP in a very interesting way, with a huge sound and incredible guitar tones and riffs, alongside some nice moody vocals. ‘Golden Age of TV’ as a track immediately seems quite Nirvanna-inspired and almost a little grungy at points with the way the song sort of drags along. My one point of advice from this track would be maybe that it isn’t a great opener to an EP, though it is a good piece of work from the lads, i would’ve said maybe it belonged elsewhere on the EP.  But that’s just personal preference.

Quickly moving into the next two tracks from this EP, we immediately hear those fuzzy guitar riffs and bouncy rhythms which are associated with the sound of Pretty Terry as a band. The first of these two tracks, ‘Shock Therapy’, was the band’s last release before the EP and the lead single from the EP. This track is absolutely the strongest from the whole EP and understandably earns its spot as the lead single. The drums groove all the way through, the guitar tones are just incredible, the way everything ties together most importantly is just brilliant. Tying all this together is the chorus, which is just about as catchy as any chorus you’ll ever hear.

A comment I will make, at the half way point of the EP, is that although I can hear some funk influence and rhythms in the tracks, I would be very careful with how this band brand their sound and genre. I haven’t listened to much of the rest of their discography so I may be completely wrong, that being said, I just think that the band have labelled their sound wrong. Maybe Indie rock, indie pop something in those areas but I wouldn’t put them within the funk genres on the premise of rhythm alone. I would maybe even suggest that the sound is slightly grungy in places on the EP and some consideration should be given to that.

Coming onto the shortest track of the EP ‘Heart Moulds’, this track is nice and concise with those custom fuzzy guitar tones on display once again. This track is not as memorable as the last in my opinion but sits perfectly in its place on this EP and definitely adds something to the collection of music. Perhaps the focal point of this track that doesn’t do anything too flashy at any point would be the drums. The track is introduced with an extremely simple yet quite effective fill on the snare drum, the fill gets your toe’s tapping from the get-go.

Perhaps not a track filled with major hooks or talking points but one that this EP would definitely not be the same without.

Finally, the closing song of the EP, ‘Bears’. This tune feels very much like it brings the EP full circle back to that dragged out, slowdance sort of vibe. Again though, a bit of a grungy vibe at time. This song is the first place however where I’m hearing some funk influence within the guitars, some spanky clean tones with some nice rhythmic patterns in there too. This one definitely sits in the correct place on the track list, it’s a perfect closing point for the EP. The build at the end of the track into the massive distorted guitars is absolutely immense too!

In summary, I feel this EP could use something slightly different  at the very start, although the title track is great I just don’t feel it quite works as an opening track. I would also once again comment on the bands labelling of genre, maybe something to be considered in future. Overall, despite the criticisms which I have offered, this is a very very good collection of songs and is not without it’s complete and utter uniqueness in today’s saturated musical market.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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