Loveproof’s EP ‘Winter’s Children’ delivers an entrancing blend of dream pop, indie rock, and dub, cloaked in an evocative gothic aura. Comprising of four tracks that transport listeners through a darkly atmospheric journey, the EP showcases the seamless collaboration between vocalist Ciaran Megahey (The Autumn Stones) and producer/instrumentalist Brendan McGarvey (Jerkbank, Stereohoax, Sugarkill).

Recorded at Mammoth Hall studio in Toronto, ‘Winter’s Children’¬†weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of musicality. Megahey’s sultry, Morrissey-Bryan Ferry-esque vocals entwine seamlessly with McGarvey’s range, which traverses an eclectic musical spectrum. As a bassist, McGarvey’s masterful command of instruments shines through, interweaving dub, electronic, and neo-psychedelic elements. His innovative use of ‘implied chords’ crafts a distinctive tension-laden tone that underpins the EP’s allure.

The lead track, ‘A Song is Not Enough’, begins with an infectious dancehall groove, underscored by McGarvey’s echoing chords, while ‘Spires’ introduces icy synths that define Loveproof’s dub-inflected dreamscape. Megahey’s emotive croon grapples with uncertainty in a tumultuous world, creating an immersive experience that resonates deeply.

Winter’s Children’ marks a significant evolution for Loveproof, refining their unique sonic fusion while intensifying their focus on production detail. The EP’s finely crafted soundscape promises to captivate new and existing audiences alike. As the EP’s release heralds their return, Loveproof’s promise to elevate their songwriting and production is palpable, borne out by their scintillating cover of Joy Division’s ‘Wilderness’.

With an upcoming lineup of live performances, ‘Winter’s Children’¬†paves the way for Loveproof’s artistic ascendancy, promising a musical journey that transcends genres and sparks profound emotions. The EP’s dark allure and intricate layers are poised to enrapture listeners, making Loveproof an act to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music.

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