Loksmith makes an emphatic entrance into the music scene with their debut EP, ‘The Issue‘, a five-track exploration of the anxieties and self-doubt fuelled by the omnipresence of social media in modern youth. The band’s sonic identity, characterised by cascading arpeggios, booming drums, and melancholic melodies, pays homage to the stadium rock of the 90s, creating a nostalgic yet contemporary soundscape.

Recorded in Media Sound Studios, Copenhagen, with the guidance of mix/master engineer Peter Brander, whose platinum-winning production experience adds a professional touch, ‘The Issue‘ marks Loksmith’s first significant wave into the music industry. Since the release of their first single, the band has experienced a remarkable surge in listenership, a testament to their compelling and relevant musical narrative.

Thematically, the EP delves into the pervasive influence of social media on the band members, all in their early twenties. Each track addresses different facets of anxiety and self-doubt stemming from platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. From the introspective ‘Breathe’ questioning authenticity to the frustration-driven ‘Vandalizing, Advertising,’ Loksmith tackles the pitfalls of online existence.

A standout track, ‘They Fear The Cure’, penned during the height of the pandemic, extends empathy to the misled masses while harbouring disdain for those spreading misinformation. The EP’s oldest track, ‘Skip A Beat’, captures the essence of quiet infatuation fuelled by online daydreaming, while ‘Restless Nights’ paints a vivid picture of existential dread and hopelessness.

Comprising Bastian Hobbs, William Nielsen, Malte Andersen, and Valdemar Hansen, Loksmith emerges as a formidable force, utilising their musical prowess to address pressing societal issues. “The Issue” not only showcases their musical talent but also establishes them as voices of a generation grappling with the complexities of the digital age.

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