LiP’s debut EP, ‘Romantic Punk‘, bursts onto the scene with an unapologetic blend of loud, punchy, and uniquely visceral soundscapes. Hailing from Manchester, the trio — comprising the versatile talents of Jarvis, Adrien, Jetwash and Ryan — dives headfirst into the chaotic intersection of pleasure and pain, encapsulating the essence of life itself.

Jarvis, initially an MC, channels his early interest in music from high school into this project, weaving together potent lyrics that reflect his Northern, working-class roots. Adrien, raised in West Yorkshire, brings a distinct flavor to the EP, drawing on his experiences in Johannesburg and a background rich in spoken word, poetry, and lyricism. Jetwash, the bassist, reflects on his high school days when he embraced the bass guitar, a decision he unequivocally stands by. Completing the band and driving the backbone of their sound is Ryan, and all round musician who has found his home behind the drums for LiP.

Romantic Punk‘ kicks off with ‘Sleeping Beauty’, a track that immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its dynamic energy and compelling lyrics. LiP effortlessly navigates the duality of existence, capturing the essence of both pleasure and pain in a sonic tapestry that transcends genres. ‘Drink Alone’ follows, showcasing LiP’s prowess in crafting anthemic choruses and infectious melodies. The EP’s third track, ‘Burning Love Take II’, creates a sonic landscape that resonates with authenticity. Closing the EP is ‘Thousand More Years’, encapsulating the band’s diverse musical influences and leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

LiP’s ‘Romantic Punk‘ is a sonic journey that refuses to be confined by traditional genre boundaries. With a refreshing authenticity and a raw, unfiltered approach, LiP establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. This debut EP is a testament to the band’s artistry, providing a captivating glimpse into the multifaceted nature of life, pleasure, and pain. LiP will be supporting The Malakites at The Castle Hotel in Manchester on Saturday 20th January, get your tickets here.

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