Lily Desmond’s EP ‘OMEN’, ushers listeners into a mythological realm, the first of a series that creatively reinterprets the “Hero’s Journey”. Drawing inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s monomyth and a fascination with Arthurian legends, Desmond ingeniously shifts the spotlight from the hero to the tyrant, offering a fresh perspective on the complexities of the villainous archetype.

OMEN’ presents a duality of themes and sounds. The opening track, ‘Song For The Road’, paints a vivid picture of a sentient road watching over travellers, enveloping listeners in a folkloric tapestry woven with acoustic guitar, violin, and cello. As the EP unfolds, ‘Bossfight’ ushers in a darker sonic progression, showcasing Desmond’s versatility. The track’s sinister narrative resonates through a symphony of synths, layered strings, and an evocative metal-inspired scream.

Desmond’s exploration extends beyond music, delving into the concept of evil through religious texts. The second half of the EP delves into these discoveries, leading to the climactic ‘Epilogue’, where the defeated villain confronts their own downfall while addressing a looming hero, setting the stage for the next instalment in Desmond’s mythological series.

A multi-instrumentalist hailing from Los Angeles and now based in New York City, Desmond’s musical journey spans various projects, including avant-garde chamber punk group Sloppy Jane and collaborations with artists like Bran Faltudo. Their portfolio of experiences, which includes sharing the stage with Phoebe Bridgers, Carli Naff, and more, adds depth to their creative prowess.

In ‘OMEN’, Lily Desmond deftly reshapes traditional narratives to explore the nuances of villainy. With a distinctive blend of folk-inspired instrumentation and a willingness to traverse sonic landscapes, the EP captivates listeners by delving into uncharted realms of musical storytelling. The upcoming release promises not only an enchanting musical experience but also a thought-provoking exploration of human nature and the shadows within.

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