Just Leila’s debut EP, ‘Just For Me‘, released on her birthday, December 18th, immerses listeners in an enchanting and cinematic realm entirely of her own creation. This musical journey, crafted through her self-written, performed, and produced efforts, is a testament to her commitment to artistic autonomy. ‘Just For Me‘ serves as a creative mantra, a sanctuary protecting her creativity until she felt ready to share it with the world.

The EP is a tapestry of diverse sounds, ranging from afrobeats and jazz to French pop and electronica, reflecting Just Leila’s broad musical influences. Each track carries messages of liberation, authenticity, and joy, creating a sonic experience that resonates with the listener’s soul.

Born in Morocco and influenced by French culture, Just Leila’s linguistic and cultural background adds a unique richness to the EP. The blend of Arabic Moroccan, French, and English lyrics paints a vivid picture of her multicultural journey. ‘Just For Me‘ is more than just an EP; it’s a celebration of individuality, a gift to herself — a safe space where creativity is both nurtured and celebrated before being shared with the world. Just Leila invites us into her world, one where artistic expression knows no boundaries.

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