Joey Maxwell’s latest EP, ‘don’t know how to feel about this’,  is an exquisite demonstration of his evolution as an artist. This opus showcases his prowess in seamlessly fusing 90s garage rhythms with contemporary elements, resulting in a genre-defying musical journey. The EP is an introspective exploration of life’s intricacies and conscientious lyricism.

The opening track, ‘shoelaces’, immerses us in a lively party setting while delving into the turmoil of self-perception. This sets the stage for ‘hollowing out’, an uplifting anthem that embraces self-doubt. The deliberate sequencing continues with ‘I Don’t Wanna Try’ and ‘Like A Clown’,  creating a profound dialogue between lyrics and melodies throughout the EP.

Joey Maxwell’s honest and heartfelt approach to songwriting shines through in the EP. His DIY approach to music-making rekindled his creative spirit, resulting in an authentic and unapologetic body of work. The EP’s live performance on YouTube further allows fans to experience his commanding vocals and magnetic stage presence.

Maxwell’s previous releases have already earned him a dedicated global fanbase and critical acclaim. ‘don’t know how to feel about this’ solidifies his position as a groundbreaking artist in the UK music scene. By seamlessly blending modern influences with his distinctive style, Joey Maxwell resonates deeply with his audience, leaving a lasting impact on their hearts. This EP is a testament to his musical journey and his ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.