Humane The Moon, the enigmatic indie artist hailing from East London, bursts onto the scene with a debut EP that encapsulates a unique blend of left-field fuzz and a palpable sense of liberation. The buzz surrounding Humane The Moon has been steadily growing in underground circles, and with the impending release of his debut EP, ‘Mythomania‘, accompanied by the unveiling of a stellar video for the lead track, ‘DugOut’, the artist is poised to make a significant impact.

Humane The Moon’s sonic palette is described as sonically charged, often anxious, yet viscerally enlivening—a combination that aims to make listeners “screw their face up a bit, run about, and let loose.” Rooted in the artist’s experiences playing in various bands in Leytonstone, the music is a manifestation of the desire for cathartic communion and an escape from the mundane.

The debut EP, ‘Mythomania‘, serves as a testament to Humane The Moon’s creative process, as it was crafted during moments snatched from his hectic schedule as an electrician. The artist, who spent long hours working on high-profile projects like Claridges’ refurbishment, found solace and agency in creating music amidst the chaos of daily life. The songs, born out of phone notes hastily scribbled at traffic lights and lunch breaks, reflect the angst of breaking free from the monotony of post-education life.

More than just a hedonistic call-to-arms, ‘Mythomania‘ is a narrative of reclaiming time and control. Humane The Moon’s journey, from the boredom of a demanding day job to the freedom and expression found in music, is vividly portrayed in the EP. With its throbbing energy, raw emotion, and a genuine yearning for autonomy, Humane The Moon’s ‘DugOut’ and the entire ‘Mythomania‘ EP stand out as a compelling introduction to an artist who is unapologetically carving his own path in the indie scene.

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