Frankie Bird’s debut EP, ‘Grassroots‘, is an introspective journey into the challenges of the music industry and the experiences of moving to London. Released on August 25th, this four-track record encapsulates the essence of indie pop/rock with a raw and authentic touch.

Recorded earlier this year in a North London studio, ‘Grassroots‘ features jangly electric guitars and crashing drums that add depth to Frankie Bird’s musical storytelling. The EP spans various moods, from the catchy pop melodies of ‘Background’ and ‘Hidden Away’ to the emotionally charged ballad ‘Think Twice’ and the indie rock-inspired ‘Give Me Faith.’ Lyrically, Bird delves into themes like growing up, grappling with social anxiety, and fostering self-belief.

Frankie Bird’s musical journey began in Reading, where she honed her songwriting skills through live performances in local pubs. Influenced by the sounds of Oasis and The Beatles, she relocated to London in 2021 to pursue her music career. Her music, characterised by personal lyrics and authenticity, has drawn comparisons to bands like The Cranberries and Wolf Alice.

With three singles released in 2022 and support from Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, Frankie Bird has been steadily growing her fan base across social media. ‘Grassroots‘ solidifies her as a promising artist in the indie pop/rock genre, showcasing her songwriting prowess and genuine musicality. This EP is a testament to her journey and marks her as an artist to watch. ‘Grassroots’ is available on streaming platforms now, and it’s a compelling introduction to Frankie Bird’s artistry.

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