Estrada’s debut EP, “Public Secret“, is a captivating six-track collection that beautifully blends new shoegaze elements with some of his previously viral classics. Known for his distinctive “#foogaze” sound, Estrada crafts an emotive musical journey that exudes nostalgia, comfort, and hopefulness, reminiscent of the beloved 90s shoegaze genre.

Through his TikTok and Instagram presence, Estrada has cultivated a devoted online community, offering a space for traditionally under-represented fans of Indie, Shoegaze, and Dark Wave music to come together and celebrate their shared love for the genre. As a Latin artist, Estrada’s musical offerings have resonated with a diverse audience, introducing a new generation of GenZers to the mesmerising world of “#foogaze”.

The standout track “Floating” is a highlight on the EP, evoking a sense of being adrift in the vast ocean of life, while maintaining a delicate hopefulness for the first glimmer of dawn. With glistening guitar tones and resonant drums, the song immerses listeners in a euphoric and ambient “#foogaze” experience, inviting them to float alongside Estrada through the darkness and the unknown.

Public Secret” showcases Estrada’s artistry and songwriting prowess, proving that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of shoegaze and indie music. With its captivating blend of new and classic tracks, the EP is a must-listen for anyone seeking a dreamy, atmospheric, and soul-stirring musical journey. Estrada’s debut has been worth the wait, and his ability to capture the essence of “#foogaze” with such finesse is truly commendable.

Photo by Bryan Acosta

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