Douzey’s EP ‘Discard‘ is a vibrant carnival of wit and melody, promising a rollercoaster ride through life’s quirks and quibbles. Bursting with whimsical anecdotes and tongue-in-cheek lyricism, Douzey takes listeners on a journey that’s both playful and profound.

Despite encountering setbacks, including health issues like fibromyalgia, Douzey’s determination shines through in ‘Discard‘. The three-track EP is a testament to her resilience and creative fervour, showcasing a diverse range of musical styles from groovy funk to upbeat rock.

Opening with the self-reflective ‘Peachy’, Douzey humorously dissects her younger self with self-deprecating charm over funky basslines and grooving drums. ‘Toxic Rain’ follows suit as an anthemic pop anthem addressing the trials of shared living spaces, with Douzey’s comical lyricism shining bright.

Closing the EP is the infectious ‘Pavement’, a spirited takedown of corporate superficiality with a punk-rock edge. With its sassy attitude and catchy hooks, it’s a fitting finale to this whirlwind of musical satire.

Discard‘ is more than just an EP; it’s a celebration of life’s absurdities and frustrations, served with a side of infectious melodies and witty lyricism.

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