London-based rock band Cry Red has once again captured the essence of their signature dynamic melodies in their latest 3-track EP, ‘Electric Oceans‘. Released on November 17, 2023, and produced by the renowned Adrian Hall, this EP showcases the band’s evolution while staying true to their roots.

The EP opens with ‘Cold and Misty Morning’, a poignant and personal reflection on the emotional challenge of saying goodbye to a terminally ill loved one. The track’s raw emotion is conveyed through Keeler’s vocals and the band’s instrumental prowess, creating a moving piece that resonates with listeners on a deep level.

The second track, ‘Fading Senses’, is a departure from Cry Red’s traditional sound. The track introduces listeners to a fusion of electronic beats, live drums courtesy of guest drummer Geoff Holroyde from Feeder, pulsating bass lines, and 80’s style synths. Jayson Keeler’s powerful yet intimate vocals soar over the unique instrumentation, creating a distinctive Cry Red experience. The music video for ‘Fading Senses’ enhances the auditory journey, providing a visual complement to the song’s infectious melodies.

Closing the EP is ‘Lost in You’, which serves as a dedication from Keeler to his partner, composed in the midst of the ocean. The song captures the essence of longing and devotion, beautifully expressed through Cry Red’s trademark combination of emotive lyrics and compelling musicality.

Recorded in London with Adrian Hall, the EP not only features the exceptional Geoff Holroyde on drums but also carries the band’s legacy forward. Cry Red’s ability to experiment with different genres while maintaining their core sound showcases their artistic growth and versatility.

Electric Oceans‘ stands as a testament to Cry Red’s dedication to their craft, offering listeners a multifaceted experience that transcends musical boundaries. With each track, the EP weaves a narrative that explores love, loss, and the complexities of the human experience, solidifying Cry Red as a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary rock scene.

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