SWiiMS’ debut LP, ‘Into the Blue Night’, encapsulates an emotional journey reminiscent of a comforting musical nostalgia, drawing inspiration from 80s New Wave, 90s Indie Rock, Britpop, and Shoegaze. The Canadian trio, formed during the pre-COVID summer, found serendipity through a Craigslist Musicians Wanted ad, resulting in the seamless chemistry between guitarists/vocalists Mai Diaz Langou and Colin Thompson, later joined by bassist/vocalist Cian O’Ruanaidh.

Released under NJ-based indie Mint 400 Records, their 2020 EP, ‘Through Waves’, gained traction on college radio, likening them to revered indie acts like DIIV, Slowdive, Beach House, and Alvvays. However, ‘Into The Blue Night’, their anticipated debut LP, sets them apart by delving into personal themes: fear of death, loss of faith, collective grief, resilience, and love. Describing the album as an emergence into light, Thompson notes its natural progression from the EP, amplifying their distinctive sound.

Over the past year, the band collaborated with Toronto-based producer/engineer Josh Korody, amplifying their sonic landscape. The album’s twelve tracks navigate a spectrum of experiences, from fear to resilience and love, reflecting the band’s firsthand encounters with lockdowns and the global pandemic. Thompson aptly describes the album as both new and familiar, a testament to its evolution.

‘In Puzzles’, the latest single, captures the essence of new relationships—savouring moments, signalling without rushing, and allowing love to blossom slowly. It mirrors the broader theme of the album, balancing the euphoria of falling in love with the isolation and loss brought on by the pandemic. Filled with hope and anticipation, the song exemplifies SWiiMS’ ability to convey complex emotions through their dream pop sound.

SWiiMS’ journey, culminating in ‘Into the Blue Night’, reflects the resilience born from struggle and strife. The album serves as a cathartic outlet, offering solace to listeners grappling with their own reasons for turning to music. Regardless of your motive, tuning into this album is bound to leave you feeling better, as SWiiMS transforms pressure into diamonds, creating a stunning debut LP that resonates with emotional depth and sonic richness.