SOFY’s latest offering, ‘Chaos & Commotion’, is an immersive journey through the highs and lows of life. This 9-track mixtape is a testament to her ever-evolving creativity and marks a significant milestone as her inaugural project under Chess Club Records.

The mixtape is a rollercoaster of emotions, brilliantly captured in tracks like ‘socks’, ‘supermarket’, and ‘WET PAINT’, which have already garnered thousands of streams and praise. Each song on this record is a unique expression of SOFY’s fluctuating headspace over the past year, touching on love, despair, self-assuredness, introspection, and more.

One standout track, ‘YoYo’, sets the stage for this captivating journey with its darker, edgier soundscape, featuring thrashy guitar riffs and slurry vocals. It’s an evolution of SOFY’s sound and a powerful statement of the mixtape’s chaotic and compelling era.

SOFY’s collaboration with Chess Club Records was a genius move, and she has been making waves with her live performances, including a remarkable debut at Glastonbury and sold-out shows in London. Her track ‘Big Talk’ even earned a spot on the FIFA 23 soundtrack, alongside artists like FKA Twigs and Rosalía.

In 2023, SOFY continued to build excitement, supporting artists like Tash Sultana and touring the UK with 49th & Main. BBC Radio 1 has been a passionate supporter of her work, premiering tracks from the mixtape and giving her much-deserved airplay.

As SOFY prepares for her UK headline tour, it’s clear that she is a rising star deserving of our attention. The mixtape’s diverse tracklist, featuring songs like ‘Yo-yo’, ‘Ashley Cole Type Beat’, and ‘Supermarket’, showcases her versatility and storytelling prowess.

SOFY invites us to join her on this chaotic and commotion-filled ride, and it’s an invitation worth accepting. Her ability to span multiple genres while maintaining a high level of credibility cements her status as a modern-day sonic acrobat and storyteller. As we look ahead, it’s evident that SOFY’s journey has only just begun, and we can’t wait to see where her music takes her in the years to come.