PYNKIE’s forthcoming album “Songies” is a captivating blend of nostalgia and modernity, seamlessly intertwining Gen X influences with a Gen Z spirit. Lindsey Radice, the mastermind behind PYNKIE, takes listeners on a dreamy pop journey that resonates with both affection for the past and a sense of hope for the future.

Radice’s musical journey is as unique as her sound. Juggling a full-time career as a Registered Nurse, she ventured into music with a playful approach, experimenting with free recording software in her college dorm. Her early SoundCloud releases garnered a dedicated following, leading to her signing with Fat Possum imprint, House Arrest. “Songies” marks her third album, following the well-received “neoteny” and “#37.”

With influences ranging from Liz Phair and Beck to contemporary artists like Soccer Mommy and Clairo, “Songies” is a vivid exploration of sound and time. Radice artfully weaves together personal experiences and imagined characters to create a collection of songs that traverse the highs and lows of relationships and dive into more profound themes like alternate realities and the veil of perception.

The album’s tracks, often defined by Radice as “relatively short, sweet, and to-the-point,” bear an intriguing element of unpredictability that keeps listeners engaged. Unique chord changes, alt guitar tunings, and unusual time signatures lend an air of experimentation to the otherwise classic pop structure. “Time_60bpm” captures the essence of longing with its portrayal of a girl staring at a clock, while “Plz” delves into the complexities of a toxic relationship, a theme Radice draws from her own life experiences.

Songies” is enriched by its warm synth soundscapes, evocative melodies, and captivating arrangements. Radice’s ability to seamlessly blend elements of the past and present creates a musical universe that feels both familiar and innovative. The album’s dream-pop essence is as transportive as it is relatable, making it a perfect companion for aimless drives or moments of introspection.

PYNKIE’s journey, from SoundCloud discovery to performing at a Gorilla vs. Bear SXSW showcase, demonstrates the resonance of her music in today’s landscape. “Songies” is not just a collection of songs; it’s a sonic testament to the power of blending nostalgia and innovation to create something utterly unique and captivating. In a world filled with noise, PYNKIE’s music stands out as a soothing yet invigorating offering that encapsulates the essence of the ever-evolving dream-pop genre.


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