Portraits’ debut album, ‘Buy High‘. is a dazzling testament to the boundless creativity and musical prowess of indie-prog duo Joseph Anidjar and Joshua De La Victoria. This ambitious project, two years in the making, showcases their incredible skills as they take listeners on a captivating sonic journey.

Buy High‘ exudes a unique blend of technical virtuosity and catchy songwriting, forming a genre-defying soundscape that bridges the worlds of indie-pop and progressive rock. Anidjar and De La Victoria’s chemistry is palpable, as they craft intricate melodies and breathtaking fretwork that will undoubtedly enthrall guitar enthusiasts.

The album’s diversity shines through collaborations with talented musicians, including studio bassist Jacob Umansky, drummer Troy Wright, and vocal contributions from Gabriel Levi and Michael Lessard of The Contortionist. Jordan Pistilli’s synth work adds an extra layer of depth to the album’s sonic tapestry.

Portraits’ ability to effortlessly switch between impressive fretboard pyrotechnics and irresistibly catchy hooks is truly remarkable. Tracks like ‘Drip’ and ‘Kiowa’ exemplify their versatility, blending technical intricacy with accessible melodies.

Buy High‘ is a masterclass in production, allowing every nuance of the guitar work to shine. Portraits’ debut album positions them as a standout act in the indie-prog scene, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences while forging their own distinctive path.

With this release, Portraits have created a musical journey that appeals to both guitar aficionados and fans of indie-pop. ‘Buy High‘ is a compelling debut that leaves a lasting impression, promising an exciting future for this duo as they continue to explore new musical horizons. It’s an album that demands attention and is sure to find a place in the hearts of music enthusiasts across genres.

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