Plastic Barricades’ latest offering, ‘We Stayed Indoors‘, stands as a poignant testimony to the tumultuous times we live in. This third full-length record from the London indie rock band ventures into the complexities of our shared human experience, delving into themes of hope, mental health, living in the moment, and the constant struggle between the past and the future.

The album, often dubbed as a collection of “hopeful songs in a hopeless world”, serves as a musical reflection on the challenges brought about by the pandemic. As millions found themselves confined to their homes, Plastic Barricades channeled the collective introspection into 10 tracks that weave a narrative of resilience and introspection. Drawing inspiration from Seattle alt rock icons Death Cab for Cutie, the title of the record, ‘We Stayed Indoors‘, pays homage to their 2001 song ‘We Laugh Indoors’. The influence is palpable in the melodic intricacies and emotionally charged lyrics that permeate the album.

Accompanying the musical journey are visually captivating elements, as evidenced by the one-take music video for ‘Counting Fireworks’, which garnered recognition and awards at prestigious film festivals. Other videos, including ‘For the Brave’ and ‘Lucid in the Fall’, showcase the band’s innovative approach, incorporating stop-motion techniques and advancements in neural networks and text-to-image algorithms.

Plastic Barricades collaborated with a diverse array of talent for ‘We Stayed Indoors‘. Sheffield-based drummer Chris Barber, Berlin-based singer Aellie Coto, and singer-songwriters Luke Joyce and John Sibley contributed to the rich tapestry of sounds. Tom Hill and Andy “Hippie” Baldwin, known for his work with Blur, Oasis, and Interpol, lent their expertise to the mixing and mastering processes, respectively. The singles from the album have achieved global recognition, with airplay on numerous stations and chart placements in various countries. The international appeal of Plastic Barricades is evident in their widespread reach, with fans from the UK to Brazil connecting with their resonant melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

We Stayed Indoors‘ is not just an album; it’s a sonic journey through the human condition, skilfully crafted by Plastic Barricades. In a world filled with uncertainty, their music serves as a beacon of hope, a reminder that even in the darkest times, there are glimpses of light waiting to be discovered.


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