Kerri’s latest offering, ‘Finish What You Started‘, is a 19-track introspective journey that takes us deep into the artist’s soul. After a two-year hiatus, this Montreal-based vocalist and producer has returned with a raw and emotionally charged album that effortlessly combines tracks from his earlier 2023 releases, ‘BUNNYHUG EP‘ and ‘HURTING EP‘, with new, poignant additions like ‘Next Time I’ll Choose Love’ and ‘WHY WOULD I GO ON?’

Kerri isn’t afraid to lay his vulnerabilities bare, shedding light on the stigma surrounding mental health issues that have long haunted him. This album serves as a cathartic experience, as Kerri navigates his own psyche, ultimately finding solace in the pursuit of happiness.

One of the standout tracks on ‘Finish What You Started‘ is ‘Family Man’. This heart-wrenching song delves into the story of an absent father attempting to reconnect with his children after years of abandonment. Kerri’s lyrical mastery shines through as he vividly captures the pain and regret of the estranged father: “A cynical fear of the kids I held / That they’d feel like me in my little Hell / Hoping they know I still wish ’em well”. The song’s cinematic quality, marked by swelling violins, makes it a powerful and emotionally charged listening experience.

What’s striking about ‘Finish What You Started‘ is Kerri’s willingness to embrace a more stripped-down approach to his music, demonstrating his growth as a songwriter. He acknowledges this shift, stating, “I’m not a kid anymore, and I want the music I release to represent something true for my life in a more mature and balanced format”. This maturity is evident in the album’s ability to build tension and then provide moments of relief, creating a captivating listening experience.

As the album nears its conclusion, ‘getting older’ serves as a poignant climax to Kerri’s personal journey. The production finds a sense of build and release, mirroring the artist’s path toward self-acceptance. Kerri’s words reveal his inner transformation, and the track has resonated with listeners, earning a place on Spotify’s influential playlists like “POLLEN” and “anti pop”.

In ‘getting older’, Kerri finds the ultimate metaphor for his personal journey: “I finally feel ready to love myself, love others, and let others love me”. This declaration encapsulates the essence of ‘Finish What You Started‘, an album that is as much about personal growth and healing as it is about the music itself.

Kerri’s vulnerability and introspection shine brightly in ‘Finish What You Started’, offering listeners a glimpse into his inner world. The album’s ability to evoke deep emotions, coupled with its musical mastery, makes it a remarkable addition to Kerri’s discography and a testament to his growth as an artist.

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