Alanna Royale’s latest album, ‘Trouble Is‘, is a riveting journey through the depths of personal transformation and resilience. From the very beginning, Alanna Royale doesn’t hold back, inviting listeners into her world of introspection and self-discovery. The album is a testament to the idea that sometimes, you have to fall apart to find the most authentic version of yourself.

The album opens with a crisis, and from that point on, it takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, reflecting the tumultuous period in Alanna’s life. With the help of producer Kelly Finnigan, she ventured into new territory, scrapping an entire album and embarking on a quest to create something intensely personal. The result is a hauntingly honest and poetic collection of songs that lay bare Alanna’s innermost thoughts and feelings.

The title track, ‘Trouble Is’, sets the tone for the album, reflecting the feeling of being fed up with the relentless challenges life throws at us. Alanna’s voice carries a sense of agitation, giving the song a raw and honest edge that resonates deeply.

‘Imagination’ is a powerful and introspective track that delves into the mental unraveling that can occur when long-repressed memories resurface. Alanna bravely confronts her own demons and, in doing so, honours those who are on a similar journey of self-healing.

Throughout the album, Alanna explores the complexities of love, from the in-between moments that define relationships in ‘Fall in Love Again’ to the heartfelt plea for self-acceptance in ‘Why Won’t You Let Me Love You?’ Her lyrics are both relatable and soul-stirring, touching on the multifaceted nature of human emotions.

As the album progresses, it becomes evident that Alanna Royale is an optimist at heart, and this optimism shines through in the track ‘Run Around’. It’s a catchy and upbeat song that captures the double-sided nature of love, where the desire to chase someone is tempered by the fear of wasting time. Alanna’s message here is clear: follow your gut and pursue what feels right, despite external influences.

The album’s final track, ‘Waiting, Waiting, Waiting (For Sully)’, is a beautiful way to conclude this emotional journey. It symbolises hope and new beginnings, mirroring Alanna’s own journey of transformation and resilience. It’s a testament to the light that can be found at the end of the tunnel after enduring tough times.

Trouble Is‘ is an album that refuses to be confined by genre, much like Alanna Royale herself. Her willingness to evolve and explore new artistic territories is commendable, and she invites her audience to join her on this uncharted path. The album showcases Alanna’s courage to reveal all of her facets and not conform to preconceived notions of what an artist should be.

In ‘Trouble Is‘, Alanna Royale has created a powerful, soul-baring work of art. Her fearless honesty and the emotional depth of the album make it a must-listen for anyone who appreciates music that delves into the depths of the human experience. It’s a testament to the fact that sometimes, out of chaos and turmoil, the most authentic and poignant art can emerge.

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